Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scripture Memorization

I've been sinking my teeth into the Simply Charlotte Mason website.  I don't claim to be totally Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, I do like a lot of the principles and techniques of Charlotte Mason education.  One thing we started a few weeks ago is this method of scripture memorization.  I'm not getting dilutions of grandeur here, with my kids being 5, 3, and 1, but it's been pretty effective.  Basically, you get a little card holder for index cards and then get dividers, and label them "daily" "odd" (it's not for family members so don't worry about fitting a person in this category)  "even" then one for each day of the week and numbers 1 through 31.  Put the scriptures you want to memorize, or other things you want to memorize, on their own index cards.  If they already know some, you can put those in too, to be a consistent review.  Either way, every day, we do the daily, then we do either odd or even, depending on the date (on the first of the month, we do odd, the second we do even, the third we do odd, etc.), then the day of the week, then the number of the month.  So on Wednesday the 7th, we do the card in daily, odd (seven is an odd number, in case you were curious), Wednesday, and 7. 

They suggest doing it for all 7 days of the week, but knowing myself, that wasn't going to happen, so I just did Monday through Friday.  I also couldn't find index card dividers that weren't already labeled A-Z, so I got some pink index cards and pink sticky notes, then used the sticky notes to be the part sticking up (I also taped them to make sure it didn't come up later on.) and put those on the pink cards to be an obvious divider.  I hope that makes sense, the memory card on my camera is full so I didn't get a picture. 

We've been slowly adding one a week, we're doing Articles of Faith. First I read all of it, then we go through and I say a phrase or a word if it's a hard one, and they repeat.  We go over it about 3 times like this, then maybe say it all at the same time (slowly).  I don't try to force my 3 year old to do this, he usually stays in the room and sometimes participates.
I was just hoping that this would help my young kids get more familiar with the scriptures, expecting that it would be more effective as they got older, but my 5 year old nearly has the first three Articles of Faith memorized!  I'm amazed how well it's working!

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