Friday, January 27, 2012

Homeschooling with morning sickness

If you've read my other blog you know that we are expecting our fourth!  We're so excited!  I am having a lot of morning sickness and fatigue, but my already born kids shouldn't have to put their education completely on hold because mommy's not feeling very well.  So we've been doing a lot of reading allowed and I discovered the national geographic videos website so my kids can watch educational videos without the downside of youtube: the random videos that come up as options on the side and at the end.  I watch with them to clarify anything they are confused about and ask them questions about what they're watching.  They really like the show "Naked Science."  Though I think the name send unintentional innuendo.
When we learned that we were in fact going to have another baby, my kindergartener  really wanted to know how that happened.  We've already explained a lot about the birds and the bees to her, but she really wanted to know more because the basics just didn't make sense to her to make a baby.  Ironically, that same day a package arrived for us from my in-laws.  They had been going through books their kids had outgrown and sent them to us.  One of them was entitled "How babies are made."  It's geared toward young children.  It answered her questions and she wanted to read it over and over that day and the next day.  She told me that she thinks that's kind of weird and she's not going to tell anyone about that.  We have emphasized it not to say that in church and she claims she doesn't want to, plus I warned the primary president, since she has a tendency to randomly say what's on her mind.

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