Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fort Worth Children's Museum

For homeschool today, we went to the Fort Worth Children's Museum (that's in Fort Worth!).  I personally thought it was overpriced for admission alone (let alone parking and the gas it took to get there and get detoured throughout Fort Worth because of traffic)  but the kids had a GREAT time and though they were completely exhausted after being there over 4 hours (we'd only planned on being there for about 2 to 2 and a half hours).  I must admit, the museum was INCREDIBLE!!
D Enjoyed the water courtyard the most, N liked the displays on momentum and aerodynamics the best.  The one on momentum involved standing on a circle and holding a pair of handle bars and them spinning on said circle, sticking out your booty, then bringing it in to go faster.  A little centrifugal force involved there too!  The one on aerodynamics had a large plastic tub with air blowing up from the bottom, and they had those cone shaped paper cups and scissors on a table next to it.  The idea is that you cut and or bend the cups in different ways to see which ways make it go up the tube faster or slower, and how much it topples around. The ones that were cut in a spiral shape were the ones that seemed to go up the fastest and the smoothest.
The kids also enjoyed the 4D theatre where we learned about how natural gas is formed and mined.
All and all, a pretty spiffy day!

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