Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homeschool Log stardate: 5-7-11 trough 5-14-11

This is the part of my blog where I basically rehearse what we've done for homeschooling.  Saturday (yes, we did educational things on Saturday) N and D watched Sesame Street Learning About LettersSesame Street - Learning About LettersAnd N and I did the Get Your Groove on MamaGet Your Groove on Mama! [DVD]  DVD and exercised along with that. So that's language arts and P.E..  Then she and I went to the park and she asked me why we exercise.  I explained that it was to help make us healthy and strong.  Does that count as health class for a 5 year old?

Monday we went to the park as usual, even though it was pretty hot, the kids had tons of fun playing!  N did a few pages from Mastering Basic Skills KindergartenMastering Basic Skills For Kindergarten: Helping Children Succeed! on patters, circles, stars, and counting.  N and D went over some vocabulary sight words and A just crawled around and tried to eat everything(he's 10 months old).

Thursday we had the preschool group from church.  This was the last regular lesson day, then we'll have a field day and then we're off for the summer.  N and D got to bring home their laminated sheet of their names to trace, they learned about the letter X, and ate twix candy! 

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