Friday, May 6, 2011


We helped some friends of ours move out a lot of their stuff and they gave us a bunch of free stuff.  In addition to a high chair and some hangers and some pegs to hang things on, we got all THIS!
Some of the workbooks have a few pages filled in, but it was all free so who cares?  I've found lately that there are a lot of people who buy their kids workbooks  to help them in school or whatever and then hardly or never use them.  The stuff off to the right is the flash cards for the your baby can read program, but we're not planning on using it with the baby, we're going to use it for helping our oldest child learn to sound things out and get to know the few sight words that don't follow the normal rules of phonics. 
I'm most excited about the write, slide and learn math! I think that N will really enjoy that!

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