Thursday, May 5, 2011


My name is Marilyn.  I have just started to home school my kids a little over a year ago.  My kids are all very young so they've never been public schooled.  My husband and I were both public schooled and weren't too impressed with it, so we looked for a different route.  This blog is a way for me to keep a record of our homeschooling so that I don't lose it and so that I don't get carried away with laziness and not do anything with it.
Some of our reasons for homeschooling are to make sure our kids are actually learning things and not being overwhelmed with "fluff."   So they learn to love learning rather than learn to pass a test that says they can endure more test prep.  To spend more time with them.  To give them the flexibility to more ahead when and where they can and not have to wait for their peers.  And to give them the individual attention to help them when they're struggling that they couldn't get in a classroom.
I hope you'll join me on my journey as I attempt to teach my kids!

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  1. Yes! That's all reasons why I chose to teach Zaylee at home. You word it very well. :)